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American Hospital is located in the heart of Istanbul. It is one of the oldest privately owned hospitals in the country. Admiral Bristol founded the hospital in 1921.

Governed by a board of directors in the United States until 1995, Vehbi Koç Foundation bought the hospital and undertook an extensive renovation to bring it up to its current status. The hospital is tertiary private care facility with 300 beds.
Assisted Reproduction Unit was founded in 1996 and rapidly became one of the most successful centers in the country performing over 1000 treatment cycles a year. We receive patients from all over the country and also from abroad. With the exception of gamete and embryo donation and sex selection the services offered encompass all assisted reproduction and related procedures.
Assisted Reproduction Unit boasts luxuriously decorated waiting areas, large operating rooms, and state of the art embryology and andrology laboratories. A very experienced team of 8 gynecologists, 6 embryologist and embryology technicians and 1 andrologist operate the unit headed by Dr. Bülent Urman. Supporting personnel include geneticists, dieticians, and psychologists, a very experienced nursing staff, and secretaries. Besides patient care the American Hospital Assisted Reproduction Team has also been very active in research and has published over 100 articles and 170 abstracts in respected scientific journals.
Clinicians and embryologist from the team have been invited to meetings as guest speakers. Clinical Director of the IVF program Dr. Bülent Urman is the national representative to the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology (ESHRE) and the past president of the Turkish Society of Reproductive Medicine. Laboratory Director of the IVF program Bio. Başak Balaban is the national representative to the ESHRE, Past President of the ALPHA International Embryology Society, and the President of the Clinical Embryology Society of Turkey.

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